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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

What Are the Best Smart Home Devices for Your Rental Property?

A Chula Vista Tenant Unlocking His Home Using a CellphoneMany Chula Vista rental property owners ask whether it’s a worthwhile investment to install smart home gadgets in their rental property. The basic answer is that the expected returns on different smart home devices vary. Therefore, which smart home devices are the most appropriate for a rental property? Let’s take a look at those that are in high demand among renters throughout the country.

Tech-Enhanced Safety

According to a recent survey, more than 75% of renters are willing to pay a premium rent for residences with smart home technologies. More than half of the tenants believed that smart home features would be worth an extra $20 or more. Renters expressed a desire for three sorts of smart home gadgets in particular: safety features, such as smart locks and smart doorbells, were at the top of the list.

Smart locks are devices that let you and your renter secure or get into a home without having a physical key. Smart locks come in a variety of styles, but the majority of them require the use of a smartphone app or a pin code to access. Chula Vista property managers like smart locks because they don’t have to change the locks every time you move in a new tenant. Smart locks are good for both tenants and property managers.

On the other side, smart doorbells allow tenants to screen guests and keep a watch on everyone coming in and out of the property. This safety feature might be extremely appealing, particularly to younger adult tenants who enjoy keeping an eye on their homes and valuables.

Smart Utilities

Tenants are also interested in smart home devices that help them monitor and save money on their power bills. Smart thermostats, smart light bulbs, and smart plugs are all popular gadgets that can be managed remotely via a smartphone app. The thermostat temperature may be adjusted, lights can be turned on and off, and energy to outlets can be turned off using the app.

These devices assist cut energy expenditures, and they can also help lessen the risk of fire or other hazards from leaving things on. The fact that these gadgets are relatively affordable to install while being a significant appeal for renters is perhaps the largest benefit for property owners.

Water Sensors

Finally, moisture sensors are smart home devices that both renters and landlords can benefit from. They can help both groups. Water leaks are one of the most common issues that tenants and property owners face. Basements, under cabinets, and behind appliances are all well-known issue spots where water leaks can form and go undiscovered for some time. Water damage is an expensive fix, especially if it’s progressed over time to the point where wood rot or mold has set in.

Smart moisture sensors can help you detect water leaks sooner and arrange needed maintenance and repairs more efficiently. Your tenant will be happy to avoid water damage, and you will save money by not having to pay for costly emergency repairs.

If you rent out your house, the smart home technology that will help you make more money or make your renters happier is the best for you. It could also bring in more tech-savvy renters if that’s something you’ve wanted to do.

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