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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

8 Things That Make You a Bad Tenant

Mira Mesa Tenant Smoking a Cigarette in Her Rental HomeAre you an unreliable tenant? We’ve listed eight things that might make you one if you’re not certain. Problems like getting evicted, having a withdrawn security deposit, or even being banned from ever renting again, are the effects of being a bad tenant. Therefore, if you wish to avoid any of those consequences, avoid engaging in any of the following actions!

  1. Not paying rent on time. This may be the essential concern that makes you an awful tenant. If you don’t pay your rent on time, your Mira Mesa property manager has the legal right to evict you. Not only that but failing to pay your rent on time can harm your credit score.
  2. Making too much noise or disturbing other tenants. If you are regularly making loud sounds or causing disruptions to other tenants, your landlord will constantly have complaints against you. The more problems your landlord hears, the less likely they will renew your lease when the time comes.
  3. Damaging the property or not taking care of it. There is another typical trait of a bad tenant. Your landlord will have to spend money to repair the property if you damage it or do not take care of it. This ends up costing them some money, and they could even choose to keep your security deposit or, in severe situations, evict you.
  4. Not reporting maintenance and repair issues. If you fail to promptly report maintenance and repair problems, they can end up costing your landlord a lot of money. You also face the risk of causing any damage to your personal property as well as the house (think water leaks that turn into a flood!). This is why it is critical to notify your landlord immediately of any problems.
  5. Having pets when you’re not supposed to. You may believe that your landlord will remain ignorant of the fact that you have pets when they are forbidden, but they will not. If your lease expressly states that pets are not permitted, you are in violation of your lease terms and may be evicted from the property.
  6. Bringing in unauthorized guests. The same is true for uninvited visitors or residents. Your landlord should be aware of those living in your rental home for liability reasons, including extended family members who stay for extended periods of time. If things go wrong, unapproved guests can cause legal headaches to you and your landlord.
  7. Smoking inside or using drugs. Here’s another typical trait of a bad tenant. The use of drugs and smoking inside when your lease expressly prohibits it and continuing to do so can enrage your landlord and result in your arrest (if the drugs are illegal) or eviction–or both.
  8. Ignore your lease terms. If you disregard any of your lease terms, including those discussed previously, you may believe it will make little difference in the short term. Nevertheless, your landlord will learn of it – and that will make them very displeased. Receiving a warning or even being evicted from the property may be the conclusion.

Now that you’ve learned how not to be a bad tenant, make certain you avoid these unacceptable actions! Earning yourself poor recommendations or getting blacklisted, make it harder (if not impossible) to rent another home, and that is the last thing you need. If you are in the market for a new rental home, browse our listings. We can help you find a quality rental home in Mira Mesa.

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