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(un)Spring Cleaning: 5 Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

San Diego Tenant Organizing Her Bathroom Drawers Keeping a bathroom organized is not at all an easy task, especially for San Diego renters. But, keeping an organized bathroom can be easier to maintain, and it can help in your morning routines! Clutter can be what causes anxiety or frustration. Hence, make sure your bathroom is organized to promote feelings of relaxation. However, if you want your bathroom to be organized, you have to be willing to put in the time and effort! Here’s what you can do to get that bathroom organized and ready to go!


First and foremost, it is very important to find and get rid of any clutter so as to get a good start on an organized bathroom. A lot of people store so many things in their bathroom that end up not being used for the longest time. This should be a good reason to go through your cabinets, drawers, and shelves so as to determine which items to keep and which to toss. It should go without saying that anything expired should head straight to the trash. Take all of the similar items, group them together and take stock. Any items duplicated and have still not been used in the last year or so should be thrown out. It is then that you can look at the items you want to keep and start organizing them.

Categorize to Organize

When you finish decluttering, you can then proceed to categorize. This will allow you to organize better. Are you the only one using your bathroom? If so, categorize your items according to your routine. For example, you may want to set up a shelf, bin, or drawer for your morning routine and then another for the evening routine. If, however, the bathroom is shared, one idea is to provide a caddy for each person’s items. Those caddies can then be placed on a shelf or a cabinet.

Invest in Clear Storage Containers

A disorganized bathroom is usually one where people don’t know where items are placed. You can opt to buy clear storage containers to help deal with this. These containers can be used to store your already categorized items. Shallow drawer organizers can be great for keeping toothbrushes, makeup, and other small items neat. You can make use of taller containers to keep certain items together in shelves or cabinets.

A Place for Everything

As you re-organize your bathroom, it’s important that you designate a place for the items you want to keep in the room. This allows you to avoid clutter all over again. Generally, most people find that it helps to keep items off of the bathroom counter. Another alternative would be bins, drawers, and baskets. It makes things a whole lot easier when you label your storage containers so that you can easily find the items you need.

Use Your Space Effectively

Bathrooms are often cluttered because they are small. Typically, you will find it very challenging to make good use of space, since you don’t have a lot to begin with. No matter how small, there’s always some unused space in the bathroom that you can make good use of to keep things tidied up. Hooks behind doors, storage containers attached to the cabinet doors, and the space above the toilet are all potential storage areas. The key is to make good use of these things so that you can keep your bathroom clean and organized.


Organizing a small bathroom can definitely make it more functional. But if a bigger bathroom in your rental house is what you’re looking at, let us know! Real Property Management Realevate Refined has an inventory of homes waiting for you, professionally handled by our San Diego property managers. Check out our available listings today!

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